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Nature of Reactive ‘HE’ Brand Dyes :


These Dyes are mostly suitable for dyeing on Cotton and Other Cellulosic Materials. They have significantly higher exhaustion and fixation efficiency, which helps in cost reduction to conventional reactive dyes. The high fixation and good build up are of particular importance with polyester/cellulosic blends and wash liquor. The ratio is very high. Higher fixation drained and washes liquors after dyeing, contain much less unfixed dyes, compare to conventional Reactive Dyes. It is useful when pollution control is a major concern. Also facilitates quicker wash off and efficient soaping. The improved stability offers batch consistency. Exhaustion is controlled by salt addition and temperature by level dyeing, prior alkali addition.

Prominent features are as per below mentioned:

  1. Excellent build-up Due to low liquor to Good ratio.

  2. High fixation is of importance as dyeing polyester/ cellulose blend when liquor/goods ratio is quite high. Conventional reactive dyes show low dyeing efficiency and poor build-up in similar condition.

  3. Superb reproducibility.

  4. Wide applicability on loose stock, garments, yarn and piece material.

  5. Wide choice of equipment to suit particular application.

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