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'M' Brand Dyes has highly reactivity and demanding comparatively Milder Condition in fixation. And Mainly used at around 250 to 350C with Sodium Bicarbonate ( ) or Soda Ash ( ).

These Dyestuffs are mostly suitable to Cellulose Textile (Lot-Wise) & Semi Continuous or Continuous methods in Conventional Textile Machinery. The most distinguished and extra ordinary quality of these dyes is wide versatility during various processes to top it all the dyes are in real wide & wild range in a vibrant, bright, light or dark shades.

PERSONALITY OF 'M' BRAND DYES: To maintain the Stability in Solubility, they need to be stored in Cool & Dry Place and should always be tightly closed when it is not used. High Temperature, Humidity and Alkaline (pH Condition) reduce the stability in Solubility.

TO AVOID ALKALINITY, use SOFT WATER specially while dissolving the dyes. The pH of the water should be 7 to 8.

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