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Nature of Reactive ‘ME’ Brand Dyes :

(Bifunctional Class)

ME BRAND DYES are mixed Bifunctional reactive dyes where Vinyl Sulfone group is linked to chromophore through a mono chloro triazine group as a bridge link. They are applicable on cellulosic material at lower dyeing temperature 600C. The important features of these 'Bifunctional' dyes are as under:

  1. Excellent leveling properties.

  2. Good all round fastness properties.

  3. These Dyes, which are not fixed during the dyeing process, can be washed off easily because the hydrolyzed dye has low substantively and thus there is a little risk of staining of adjacent whites.

  4. Bond between Vinylsulfone group and cellulose is stable to acid hydrolysis; as such stability of dyed goods in industrial acidic atmosphere is very good even over the period.

  5. Better reproducibility in dyeing.

  6. High exhaustion and high fixation efficiency.


Bi-functional dyes are applicable on cellulosic materials by dyeing as well as printing methods.


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