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The dyestuff is pasted with cold water by pouring 50 to 100 times weight of boiling water and dissolving fully.

Direct dyes are dyed from a neutral or alkaline dyebath depending on individual dyestuffs. Dyeing are exhausted with the addition of Glaubers salt or common salt and Quantities should be added as per below mentioned :





Soda Ash

1% To 2%


Glauber’s Salt Calc

/ Common Salt

15% To 20%

5% To 10%








The addition of soda ash to the dyebath may eliminate when dyeing blends containing Acetate Rayon where the Acetate component is to be reserved.

The dye-bath is set at 500 – 600C with soda ash, salt and dissolved dyestuff. Then entered boiled out yarn and worked for 15 minutes. The dye-bath temperature will be raised to 900-950C in 15 to 20 min. Salt may be added after about 15 minutes of initial dyeing to overcome unleveled dyeing.

For improving the fastness to washing of these dyes, we suggest an after treatment with dye fixing agent. The dyed goods are treated in a fresh bath containing
2 to 3 gms/litre Dye fixing agent for 30 minutes at pH 6-6.5 at 450C, the material is then rinsed and dried.

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