Shade Card
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Take the Chrome Cow Crust or Chrome Sheep Crust (Based on Crust Weight)

Following material required

For Wet Black                                                

300% Water
1% Wetting Agent                                           
1% Ammonia Wash (Drum for 2 hrs. & Pile over night)
300% Water (Drum for 10mts.)
Adjust pH to 5 to 5.5 for Neutralization of Leather

For Dyeing

200% Water at 600C

1% Ammonia (Drum for 10mts.)
Dyestuff Required (Drum for 45mts.)
6% Fat Liquoring (Drum for 45mts.)
1% Formic Acid for Fixing (Drum for 45 mts.)

Above is only a guideline and to the best of our knowledge on the material and inputs are available perused. Recommended, use subject to judgment of user and we are not way to responsible for the out come.